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Car Donation Program Los Angeles - Bresee Foundation donate your car to charity

Bresee Foundation is a nonprofit community center that is a source of faith, hope and service to low-income youth, adults and families in central Los Angeles.

They serve nearly 2,000 individuals annually, primarily at-risk youth from the Mid-Wilshire, Koreatown, Pico Union, and Westlake neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Most residents live below poverty level and have no access to health care. Gang mayhem and juvenile violent crime are rampant, and over 50% of students are not expected to graduate high school.

There are many ways to support worthy non profit organizations like the Bresee Foundation. Many people donate money, give their time or give items such as clothes, computers and even used vehicles. These resources are typically put to work within the organizations, given to those in need or sold.

To learn more about how you can help Bresee Foundation, visit If you are looking to make a car donation in Los Angeles, this is a great non-profit to support.

A Quick Note About Car Donations
You can typically donate cars, automobiles, pickup trucks, vans, RV's, motorcycles, buses, campers, utility trailers, bulldozers, power and sail boats, yachts, planes and helicopters. People most often donate used cars. The donated car benefit to the charity can vary quite considerably depending on the arrangements. In some cases, the full amount of the car goes to the organization if the charity sells the car itself or uses the vehicle to help fulfill some program services need. If a third-party broker is involved, however, the charity may receive only a percentage of the resale price of the car or it may receive a portion of what is left after all the expenses have been paid by the broker.
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